To Write

How can one explain what moves an artist to create?  The need to create is a drive that becomes an entity in its own right; an entity that lives within us.  For some of us we become the vehicle for this being, and when it calls we answer. 

When I write a book, I become engaged with the reader, almost like a lover.  The exchange becomes a dance, a song, an opportunity to become entangled, and when it is over we go our separate ways.  When we can meet again,  the reader opens his mind and heart to my words, my passions, my visions, and I cherish his willingness to explore with me.  Again, we embrace.  I come into you, and you see into me, and together, I hope, we are both changed.

To write is to conduct a great orchestra, weaving the intricate sounds into haunting laments and arching passions.  Hushing and coaxing and building such sweet,  sonic tension. 

To write is to wrestle and fight and pound–whisper and seduce;  To write is to bleed a soul onto paper, or paint a dream in another’s imagination.  To write is to retrieve the voices of lost souls from the wind and allow them to live again.  To write is to become something different than we were before.

To write is to give birth and nurture and release.  To write is to weep words so that the sea may carry them to a new land, so that they may flourish far away from home.

To write is to remember, and to write is to forget.


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