I don’t think I could write an adult fiction work and not have some sort of study or inclusion of sexuality in my characters.  I think the core nature of people is expressed through their sexuality, or lack thereof.  The deepest parts of us, our deepest secrets, our deepest passions, our deepest desires all coil around the pillar of how we express ourselves through sex.  If a person is repressed and non-expressive sexually, that can also be a gateway to a deep, emotional inner world.

Sexuality touches everyone, whether they want to admit it or not.  Somewhere, even if it is in their private thoughts that are never spoken, everyone thinks about sex.  To see a glimpse of someone’s sexuality is to see a glimpse into a person’s nature.  How can we not include the sexuality of our characters in our work?  How can anyone really know them or feel them or experience them without it?

In Blood From Heaven I explore sexuality through my three main characters.  Samone Fisher is a young woman who is in her mid-twenties.  She is bisexual, very free and open with her sexuality, very demonstrative and affectionate with those whom she loves.  She is unrestrained in her love-making, often playful and aggressive.

Liner and Paterson are the two men in her lives.  Two?  Yes–the three of them live in a polyamorous relationship.  Paterson is a bisexual man, and Liner is a heterosexual man.  I chose to have two bisexual characters because while there has been an increase in homosexual fiction, I have not heard of any bisexual main characters, and I felt there was a need to have their feelings, issues, and views expressed.  Perhaps my own bisexuality influenced that decision.

In the novel, Liner explores his sexuality.  What does it mean to have affection for another man–to love a man if you are a man?  He has to grapple with the issue and question of whether or not he can be bisexual.  Where does he fall on the sexuality spectrum?  A lot of people think sexuality is an either/or thing, but most people actually fall somewhere along a wide path or spectrum between heterosexual and homosexual.  I have met a lot of people who are largely heterosexual who have explored a bisexual side.  There are a lot of people who experiment.  What happens between Liner and Paterson?  You’ll have to wait for the book.

What is it like when three people love each other?  I am sure everyone can imagine jealousy cropping up, or possessivness, or competitiveness.  Many people are not aware that there is a sub-culture in our country that is polyamorous or “poly.”  Many people are not aware that often the relationship is between one woman and multiple men, assuming instead that it would be between one man and many women.  This is another dynamic I explore in Blood From Heaven.  Polyamory is not unusual in the neo-Pagan/Heathen culture.

It is interesting to me that many people do not consider the ramifications of a very sexual woman and her appetites, and the directions that she can take herself in her sexuality.  Female sexuality in general is still rather taboo thanks to the tenor of the  Judeo/Christian Religions.  Women are capable of having multiple orgasms, and can remain aroused for long periods of time.  It should not be surprising, therefore, that women can have a capacity for multiple sexual partners at one time.  It is, in fact, part of the Natural World, and that is a world that Paganism is particulary clued into.  If one considers the evolution of the human animal, one can recognize the advantage in reproduction for a woman to have multiple partners if a pregnancy is going to occur.  Of course, one very active partner can also produce good results.

The main thing I am concerned with in my writing is expressing the very natural and beautiful truth of sexuality, and that is that everyone is unique, and that sex is not a dirty or shameful thing, but the most beautiful expression of our inner selves.  I am saddened by the shame that still plagues our culture in regards to sex.  It is my hope that by openly exploring sexuality through my characters, I can give people a character that they can relate to and open up to. 

It is important to me to explore sexual diversity through my characters in the current climate of repression, prejudice, and condemnation in our world.  The GLB community is in the crux of a vital civil rights movement in America–trying to obtain the basic right of legal marriage, because for some reason the threat of two people in love is just too much for some people.

I would suggest as a writing exercise for you to write out a secret sexual fantasy.  Explore it, delve into it, become enraptured with it through two characters.  You might be surprised where it leads.  I would also like to invite you to discuss a related writing topic on Worlds Apart, and would love to hear your views.  Please stop by!


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