That Darn Query

Like all other authors looking to get published I have had to attempt to tackle the query.  There are great sites that give great advice on writing queries from authors and agents out there.   There are hoards of people who talk about the agony of trying to write the great query that will get them a submission request.

It is counter-intuitive that I can sit down and pump out a quality piece of fiction the length of a novel, yet seem to not have mastered the 250 word or less query.  Big, fat sigh.  The funny thing is that I always have had a knack at being able to express a complex idea creatively in few words.  Apparently, all that went to hell when faced with this query.

Now, I tell myself it is the pressure.  I have to have a smashingly stunning query to compete with the billion other authors trying to get at least a partial requested by an agent.  If I would just relax, I could just whoosh, query.

I have written and sent out quite a few different takes on my query.  Chirp.  Chirp.  Chirp.

Its a great book.  I suck at queries.

I will forge ahead.  This weekend, I shall attempt a synopsis. 

I’ll keep you posted.

[Ideas and feedback welcome–you are all way too quiet out there.]


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