As She Walks Away

The glint from the axe head

blinds my eyes

through my tears.

The razor edge

of that big metal head—

is it pointed at her neck?

Her lithe, youthful, beautiful neck?

The neck that I cradled in my hands at her birth―

the tiny head,

that I held so gingerly,

so protectively,

so that I could gaze into her giant deep brown eyes,

astonished by the depth of my love…

That neck?

How can it be that my hands hold nothing but air now?

That her big brown eyes look at me with confusion,

with defiance,

with absolute denial?

That my warnings go unheeded,

as she turns away from me

and walks

toward the hands

that hold the axe handle so expertly?

I close my mouth and let the last few letters

from my last spoken words

hit the floor with a Ting!



as the door closes after her,

the warning spinning around my head

instead of taking residence in hers.

My body trembles,

my throat dry,

my heart


and sinking.


as the air in my hands

grows cold.


2 comments on “As She Walks Away

  1. deanjbaker says:

    good to see this writing

  2. ejalvey says:

    Thank you.

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