The Pearl Necklace

There was a point in time

when I stood on the precipice

of the rest of my life.

A time when I made the decision to

not look back,

but only forward

into the expanse that I

chose not to be

terrified by,

but inspired,

with awe,

that I had the opportunity

to decide my own


To hold my own


in my hands, like a

newborn puppy.

It may be blind and


but it forever


the warmth, comfort,

and joy

that new life can find

in the tiniest of


It was the discovery,

that meaning was not

the huge expanse sold

to me when I was young,

of industrialized dreams

prepackaged and sold

on the shelves of our undoing.

Meaning is a moment, which

though it passes like a


is forever strung together

with all my other moments,

like a necklace made

of shiny pearls,

and though they will vanish

when I am gone as if

they never existed.

I smile now, because

it is the creation of

each pearl that

feeds my soul.


2 comments on “The Pearl Necklace

  1. slamdunk says:

    A great read–nicely done.

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