Soul Garden

I love when the Sun

speaks wisdom to me in

the early dawn,

when I am too sleepy

to be too busy

to listen.

He told me once,

that I should cherish

the pieces of my

broken heart.

He said that each piece was

a seed for a new beginning,

to be planted and nurtured,

loved and cared for,

and allowed to flower into

a new promise,

a new day,

a new beginning.

He told me he

would hold onto them

for a while,

and cleanse from them

all the ills that

had caused their

shattered fragments

to be realized.

He warmed them

from their frozen states,

and gave them back to me,

to plant within the

fertile valleys

of my soul.

I left them there,

and true to his words,

they sprouted and grew

into new dreams and

brilliant tomorrows.


2 comments on “Soul Garden

  1. Gidget says:

    Damn good poem.

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