The Girl in the Tiny Picture

You are a statue

carved out of fortitude,

delivered to us

through a dark glass.

We watch the intimacies

that are shared

like tiny sandwiches

with tea,

brought on a silver tray

in the summer twilight as we all

sit ocean-side.

You serve us

kindly, and with principles,

aware all too often

of the shortcomings

and disappointments

that are often left as tips.

People pass by;

we smile, unseen.

Nodding together in a

moment in time,

as we watch,

the clouds reach down

and gather the rays of

the setting sun in a gasp

of forgiveness

at its leaving us.

They wrap tendrils of fingers

around the radiant beams,

painting the canvas before us

with our dreams

and our longings,

mirroring our laughter that

befalls us like the calm

before the storm of tears,

uniting us with a common

thread, and restoring our

smiles at the

sharing of it.


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