Agent Woe

No, this is not an agent of Asian descent, this is me and my frustration of trying to get someone, anyone to read my manuscript.  I have had people not affiliated with publishing love it.  I even had a person associated with publishing like a piece of it.  But, an agent?  Who knows?  I can’t get anyone to look at it.

Do you think if I had my novel tattooed on my body and I ran around naked long enough an agent would look at it?

Probably not.

See, I am trying to decide…is publishing so commercial now that since I do not have vampires vomiting up romance, or teenage mutant ninja vampires in my book, I can’t get published?


It’s well written.  It’s a good story.  I thought that… would… help?

Or, perhaps I just can’t write a query.

Or, perhaps, I should just shut up and get back to work.

Thanks for listening.  Thoughts?  Care to share your frustration in the bitch session?

[This will probably guarantee I can’t find an agent, so there you go.]


9 comments on “Agent Woe

  1. never tried.. god knows..

    why do you need an agent?
    can’t you just send it to million publisher and get rejected by them?

    sorry i am pessimistic. but i guess it is related to me.
    thought about publishing it yourself? or..
    really i am only asking all this as i am trying to figure out my own way in this swamp..

    • ejalvey says:

      Most publishers no longer accept unsolicited manuscripts that were not submitted by an agent. They won’t even read them.

      I don’t want to self-publish…not unless I actually started a publishing company (indie), which I may do. It is a bad move if you ever want to be published in earnest by a legit company.

  2. purple says:

    If it were that easy, wouldn’t anyone and everyone be able to find an agent and get published with huge advance royalty checks and movie moguls waiting in the wings with movie offers? Publishing is a business, first, and only a select few avenues exist that even really care about the writer or the story — most simply see you and what you write as a commodity to sell, to make them money, to increase their recognition and marketability. Having expressed all that (mostly opinion substantiated by fact) you must remain positive, believe in yourself and in what you write, and just persevere. You will find an agent and a publisher if that is what you seek, it may take time and hard work and sticktuitiveness, but you CAN succeed. Keep at it!! Pep talk over LOL.

  3. ejalvey says:

    Yeah, I am just being a whiny baby. I know all that, but thanks for the pep talk–it helps to commiserate with fellow writers, lol.

  4. ashleycapes says:

    Hey, have you seen this?

    The Friday Pitch – might be worth a crack if you haven’t already – bet the competition is tough, but this is bypassing the agent


  5. ozymandiaz says:

    from what i understand its all in the treatment
    what elements in your transcript are similar to something or several somethings that were big sellers
    something like “the Davinci Code set in the wild west”
    or “is like a cross between twilight and the matrix but without vampires or virtual reality or teen angst”
    OK, the last one probably wouldn’t work
    but you get the idea
    Agents don’t give a flippin doodle about original or what is a good story
    they just want something that will sell allot

  6. ejalvey says:

    Hey Ozymandiaz,

    I think you are right. I think the problem is my query, and my sales techniques. I need to sell it better, but I just suck at that.

    Part of the problem is that it’s not really like other stories…but I’ll try to think of some connections.


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