Still Alive

What do you do,

when a woman you know

a woman you care for,

someone you cherish,

joins your sisterhood

of hollowed eyes,

tells you she was


and you say,

“I’m sorry,”

the words sounding

like sour milk

in the summer heat.

The words not spoken,

the shared look,

exchanged in knowing,

in the silence,

so much more


it is the silence

that echoes through


of women,

joined in this


sisterhood of being


despised for our


our beauty,

our knowing,

so many more of us

share our silence,

telling each other,

and no one else,

knowing that there is

no justice,

I say from our silence

forge steel,


to slay the enemy of our


free ourselves from our


our servitude,

For too long we

cry alone in


I say make that darkness

our armor,

our stealth,

we have been expected to

bear these wounds,

our oppression,

so we do.

Only our strength,

our vigor,

our refusal to submit

to those who try to

tear us into


Even if we must


to stay alive,

Only our refusal to

stop living,

to go on,

sisters on a journey

of diverse


Only this Will

to exist can lead us

to freedom,

from the hollow,

the horror,

the pain,

the wounds,

the scars,

the nightmares,

only through refusal

to be the victim


can heal

a wounded


behind a face

that screams a




3 comments on “Still Alive

  1. ozymandiaz says:

    hold that space
    and maybe watch Antonio’s Line
    truth be told there are way too many women in this sisterhood
    and far too many of those members had their trust ripped out
    by men “close” to them
    family members and close friends

    • ejalvey says:

      There is a lot that needs to change in the world, and women need to join with their male allies such as yourself and make the changes. Most people don’t realize that it IS usually a person known to a woman who rapes her. That is true in child sexual abuse as well.

  2. purple says:

    I like the resolve and strength in your words and agree wholeheartedly. This is well expressed and a rallying call worth hearing. Victims may or may not have a choice in the moment, but no one ever needs to remain a victim of anything and their courage and honesty can be what draws others to believe this.

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