The Answer to the Questions

So yes, I climbed the mountain,

proverbial, nonetheless,

to search for the sage

that dwells there,

to learn the answers

to the long plagued

questions of man.

She was old, tis true;

witty, enduring,

as we shared tea

by the light of her

star filled lantern.

When it came time

for me

to descend the long

journey home,

I realized that in all

our conversations,

I had never come to

those questions,

had never heard the

wisdom of her long

and ancient years.

She nodded at me


as she closed the gate behind me,

and this is what she said:

“The answer is in your hand

when it grasps hold of the wind,

it is in the scent of the fire

that warms you,

the sweetness of the water

that quenches you,

the breath of your lover

upon the back of your neck.”

So simple, I thought.

I watched her back retreat into

her dwelling,

the lantern full of stars

swinging back and forth

in rhythm to her steps.

That is what the mother said:

It is in Nature,

it is the living within her,

that is the answer

to all things.


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