I stand at an elevation,

dizzy from the height of it;

not sure how I got here,

or why there is no way down.

Only up, to places I cannot see,

so knowing this,

I realize that if I go there,

I may not be able to return


Which, is not a bad thing,

since here seems so,


I rest as I peer higher,

not sure why I am

so tired.

Perhaps it is because

to go higher I must

bend backwards and

cling to those rocks

up there.

It is the weariness

of anticipation.

How much more

evolved I would be

if I could

just fly.


4 comments on “Evolution

  1. deanjbaker says:

    good to see your blog

  2. ozymandiaz says:

    Such precarious position
    If wings were to miraculously sprout
    Would you fly up or down?
    I ask myself that being afraid of heights
    Perhaps such pondering are senseless
    Perhaps not

    great write though
    very thought provoking

    • ejalvey says:

      Hmmm. Interesting question, Ozymandiaz. Honestly, I could never go down. There would be no point. Never quit. Never go backwards (unless one needs to retrace their steps to better understand something.) Forward, and up. Or, at the least, forward.

      Thank you.

      So, I should say in regards to your name: The beauty of all great civilizations crumbling is that new things are born from the bodies of the dead…it is the way of life and Nature, so civilizations are born, and they die, and that is beautiful. Just my opinion. What drew you to it?

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