The Priestess

And She taught me,

“Ride the beast

well, my daughter.

The way only we can,

yoke him, grab his powerful


and under your grasping


he will yield,

as only the most powerful,

the most virile,

the most exceptional


For within you blooms

the absolute power

and fortitude,

given only to the most


of soft petaled flowers,

making the most

furtive bees

dizzy in the wake of

intoxicating perfume.

It is the greatest of


and the secret they

have sought to render


only they also knew

one day we

would return.

Not as brides, or servants,

or chattel,

but as warriors,

born to set the world



4 comments on “The Priestess

  1. kseverny says:

    incredible writing.
    i really enjoyed this poem

  2. chucky0629 says:

    Oh what varied tags you have for this poem,,, rightly so. I like the shape of this one – I don’t know whether all your poetry consists of short lines that each pack a punch or this is an exception. The short lines work very well for powerful words used here and make the reading move along quickly (no reason to linger when the climax is coming in such undaunted fashion. Well done.

    • ejalvey says:

      Thank you.

      Yes, I have tended towards this style for a while now. It seems to flow from me this way.

      Yeah, I’m a bit wanton with tags. But, then again, how does one categorize such things?

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