how I love the way

your name feels in my mouth,

what can I tell you,

but that the memory of you,

is as if from a day long forgotten,

though perhaps you live in my future,

like a dream.

And when I look at you,

my breath is stolen,

as if your beauty

abides death herself,

for you ,

my dear Anna,

are the embodiment

of a time,

stolen from my nubile fingers,

a fire that burns

like a star,

far away in the midnight sky,

yet my body

sings the song

of that heat,

every time our eyes alight,

your mouth ignites a flame,

with your every smile.

My Anna,

though I lost you

before we ever met,

perhaps now that I’ve found you,

our hearts will unite,

and at last,

we will never



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