It is impossible to know

anything about you.

So I make it up

in my head.

So many things

you’ve said,

in my imaginings,

undaunted by your silence,

you speak volumes

to me.

Endlessly parading,


I know you better,

then you know yourself,

you told me once.

I laughed,


I study you,

holding you in my hands,

your black and white image,

forever young,

Forever bold,

forever mine.


2 comments on “Kin

  1. purple says:

    Enjoyed this, it reminded me once again there are so many truths, so many stories that are simply lost or forgotten, perhaps enshrouded in old photographs and memories, still waiting to be discovered, or invented when no one remembers them anymore. Great read.

  2. ejalvey says:

    Thank you Purple–I appreciate your comment and feedback very much.

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