And the Moon said,
I forgive the Sun for not shining his light upon me all of the time,
for it is the lack of light that gives me my definition.

And the Moon said,
I forgive the darkness for not hiding me thereby betraying my presence,
for it is the shadow that gives me my fulfillment.

And the Moon looked to the great Seas,
and said,
You mesmerize me with your undulations as you dance to my music.
But in that, I forgive you for that which you reflect back to me,
All that I hate in you, for it is I that I see,
For you also reflect that which I love, and that is also within me.

And the Moon regarded the Earth,
and said,
You who keep blocking my view of the Great Father Sun,
I forgive that I cannot see all of your beauty,
for His light is often upon your back
And I only get to see a hint of all that you are.

And the Moon said,
Oh, time, you who I both demarcate and am bludgeoned by,
It is you who has left so many marks upon my skin,
Not the stones thrown at me and upon me.
I forgive the pain of all of the years,
for it is you who has given me my character.

And the Moon said,
I forgive that I change every day,
for in this I am always the same.
It is this rhythm that the drums of the people sing back to me.
It is this motion that gives them the gift of dance
and it is this that is Love.



how I love the way

your name feels in my mouth,

what can I tell you,

but that the memory of you,

is as if from a day long forgotten,

though perhaps you live in my future,

like a dream.

And when I look at you,

my breath is stolen,

as if your beauty

abides death herself,

for you ,

my dear Anna,

are the embodiment

of a time,

stolen from my nubile fingers,

a fire that burns

like a star,

far away in the midnight sky,

yet my body

sings the song

of that heat,

every time our eyes alight,

your mouth ignites a flame,

with your every smile.

My Anna,

though I lost you

before we ever met,

perhaps now that I’ve found you,

our hearts will unite,

and at last,

we will never


It Has Always Been This Way

I call you to me,


truly divine, you are,

I thought.

With a word,

contained in a


the two of us giggling,

inundated with

the glee

of a moments


We only maintain ourselves



as one being.

It is a secret we share


Looking around us

as if we don’t know

what it is,


we do.

We are mistaken,


yet we do not


No one understands

how we can be

one person,

only two bodies,

in orbit


each other’s